MOBECO cork block
MOBECO cork block

MOBECO cork block

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This stunning Cork Block is perfect for stretching, yoga, general exercise and movement. The Cork Block is designed with various heights to help assist you in various stretch and yoga positions. Prop yourself up and work in a range that is comfortable for you. The block is sturdy and grippy so it wont flip when you need support.


- 23cm long

- 15cm wide

- 8cm high


700 grams


- 100% natural cork

- 3 heights for support in various positions

- Rounded edges for increased comfort

MOBECO is an Australian company, the cork is sourced and products are manufactured in China as Australia does not currently have the farming or manufacturing infrastructure needed to produce these products.  MOBECO also plants 1 tree for every product sold!  Which means the product you buy from us has already had a tree planted - cool huh?