MOBECO cork mat
MOBECO cork mat
MOBECO cork mat

MOBECO cork mat

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This stunning Cork Mat is perfect for stretching, yoga, and general exercise and movement. The cork finish is naturally soft on skin yet grippy. It will grip with sweat too.

Cork is a naturally durable and long lasting product. It's non porous so it will NOT absorb sweat and bacteria like foam products. Cork is 100% natural and does not harm the cork oak tree in the harvest process. The cork is taken from the bark and allows the tree to continue growing.

You can use a alcohol based disinfectant for day-to-day sanitising.

or gentle soapy water and soft brush to remove any built up grime.


- 173cm long

- 61cm wide

- 3mm thick


2 KG


- 100% Cork top

- 100% Natural rubber base

- Soft and gripping for a luxurious practice


MOBECO is an Australian company, cork is sourced and products are manufactured in China as Australia does not currently have the farming or manufacturing infrastructure needed to produce these products.  MOBECO also plants 1 tree for every product sold!  Which means the product you buy from us has already had a tree planted - cool huh?