Dynasty of Tea Butterly Pea Flower

Dynasty of Tea Butterly Pea Flower

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Whilst our Butterfly Pea Flower tisane has no flavour, it does have an extraordinary natural colouring ability. The flower on its own turns water a vibrant blue, but add a hibiscus flower or a dash of lemon and the water will transform to a bright red or a deep violet retrospectively. Not only is its natural colouring ability cool, Butterfly Pea Flower has been used in Chinese tea culture to increase vitality and boost the immune system.



100% butterfly pea flower.


Water temperature: 90-100 degrees

Amount: 2g per 500 mL water

Steeping time: 3-4 minutes

Approx. refills: can only be used once

Serving suggestion: drink hot with lemon, add to iced tea or cocktails.


40g loose leaf