Dynasty of Tea Lemon Ball

Dynasty of Tea Lemon Ball

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From local business Dynasty of Tea

The Lemon Ball tea has flavours and aromas of lemon, which beautifully complement the taste of the black tea. It is DELICIOUS! To produce such depth of flavour, the lemon has its flesh scooped out and is filled with black tea & the chrysanthemum flower to absorb the beautiful lemon. Lemon Ball tea has long been used in Chinese culture to aid cold and flu symptoms.

Best shared with friends or you could drink it all yourself - we won't tell anyone.


Dried lemon, black tea & dried chrysanthemum flower.


Simply pop the ball in a tea pot, refrigerate the pack once opened.

Water temperature: 90-100 degrees

Amount: 1 ball per 500mL water

Steeping time: 4-7 minutes

Approx. refills: 5 times

Serving suggestion: drink hot or cold.


60g = 3 balls