Kookas Natural Raw Cacao & Macadamia cookies
Kookas Natural Raw Cacao & Macadamia cookies
Kookas Natural Raw Cacao & Macadamia cookies
Kookas Natural Raw Cacao & Macadamia cookies
Franjo's Kitchen

Kookas Natural Raw Cacao & Macadamia cookies

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FA  gluten free and grain free cookie that doesn't compromise on flavour.  If you are like us and eat wholefoods, while trying to minimise your consumption of processed 'stuff' but you occasionally just want to have a cookie with your cuppa?  Here is your answer!

Kookas Natural from Franjo's Kitchen.

Craving a sweet snack? But trying to stick to a healthy diet? You don’t have to go without! Put the kale chips down and pick up a Raw Cacao Macadamia cookie.

These cookies put the ‘wow’ back into cacao, the ‘more’ back into raw, and the…ok that’s all we’ve got. Crunchy macadamias and organic cacao powder are blended in a base of wholemeal spelt flour and flaxseed meal to create a chocolate cookie that’ll enhance, not hinder, your health.

These cookies are packed with protein and fibre adding a subtle sweetness with organic coconut sugar and Victorian honey. They’re 100% natural and don’t contain any additives or preservatives so you can dunk and devour without despair.

Pop some cookies in your cart and you’ll soon be exclaiming, “Holy cacao! It’s love at first at bite!”


Having some friends over for tea? While you’re brewing your favourite blend, grab some Raw Cacao Macadamia cookies from the pantry. Eat two and serve up the rest, no one will ever know.


Organic wholemeal spelt flour, organic coconut oil, honey, organic coconut sugar, macadamia nuts, organic raw cacao powder, organic flaxseed meal, water, vanilla extract, baking powder, bicarbonate of soda, salt.