Mother Nurture Muscle Soothe Massage Oil 100ml

Mother Nurture Muscle Soothe Massage Oil 100ml

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A gentle massage blend that may help reduce muscular tension and discomfort and used in treatments with Kimberley at Simply Remedial.

Sonya wanted to create something that was safe for use during pregnancy and lactation; whilst also being effective. When exploring options for a muscle relieving blend she found 3 essential oils were regularly chosen by women in her practice for their pleasing aroma: kunzea, Australian sandalwood & lavender. Hypericum infused oil is also added for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Feedback on continued use of the oil was positive, with women experiencing some reduction in muscular tension and also using the oil to help calm and sleep.

Safe for use during pregnancy and lactation. Avoid application to chest area during breastfeeding so establishment of breastfeeding and bonding is not interrupted.

You don't have to be pregnant to use this beautiful blend on yourself!  Kimberley uses this blend in the majority of her treatments.

Hand made by Clinical Aromatherapist & Midwife Sonya Edmonds in Melbourne