Organic Peruvian Cacao
Organic Peruvian Cacao
Organic Peruvian Cacao

Organic Peruvian Cacao

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  • Raw Natural Ingredients
  • Natural Magnesium Boost
  • Packed with Antioxidants
  • Natures Mood Enhancer
  • Natural & Nutritious Energy Boost

    How to Use…

    1. Blend It: Simply mix 1 serve of cacao with your choice of milk or water, add your favourite fruit or veggies and blend to make a super-nutritious smoothie.
    2. Bake it: Use it to when baking to create amazing superfoodsnacks, we’ve got hundreds of recipes online to show you how.
    3. Mix it: Add more chocolaty nutrition to your breakfast bowl with the natural antioxidants andadded nutrients that support energy levels and mood.