Soma Cacao Mexican Ceremonial Cacao
Soma Cacao Mexican Ceremonial Cacao
Soma Cacao Mexican Ceremonial Cacao
Soma Cacao

Soma Cacao Mexican Ceremonial Cacao

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Say hello to Soma Cacao!  A small Australian business whose focus is bringing you the highest quality of raw cacao, packed full of nutrients, direct from the farmer while minimising their impact on the environment.

You'll discover that your cacao will come as solidified cacao paste, which they have hand-chopped into chunks for your convenience and packaged into recyclable pouches. 


Yes - this cacao comes ALL the way from Mexico! Expect a stronger, more unique flavour and greater potency due to this rare and powerful cacao strain: criolla beans (almendra blanca, to be specific) are considered the crème de la crème of ceremonial cacao.

Which means this cacao won’t be for everyone. It is FAR from a regular hot chocolate, and has an earthy, sharp flavour, and its stimulating effects are noticeable more potent - not a good choice for a nightcap, but an excellent choice for a morning cup or a ceremony.

This single origin ceremonial grade Mexican raw cacao is award-winning and is grown in Chiapas, in a town called Cacahoatán which means "place of cacao" in the ancient Toltec language.

This cacao is grown sustainably, organically and harvested using traditional methods in small batches by a family with a long history of cacao culture.  In Chiapas, cacao continues to be a central part of family tradition and cultural practice which makes it even more valuable in our opinion!  To protect the growers, Soma Cacao trade directly with them, paying stable, premium prices that are much higher than the commodity market and Fair Trade prices, and which are protected from market fluctuations.  This also ticks a box for us especially with the volatility in the today's market.

The Mayans called cacao “the food of the gods”. Along with its rich history of ritualistic and medicinal use, cacao’s crown jewel is theobromine: a gentle, long lasting stimulant that energises us like caffeine, without punishing us with brain-fog and jittery hands later in the day. It’s also rich in essential minerals and produces mood-boosting bioactive compounds - dopamine, serotonin, anandamide (the 'bliss molecule') and P.E.A, an antidepressant also known as the 'love drug'. -- Soma Cacao