Going barefoot; Why we made the transition to barefoot shoes

Going barefoot; Why we made the transition to barefoot shoes - TheFunctionalJoint

Shoes....What is it about covering our feet in thick, squishy petrochemical foam that makes us a better society?

Alot apparently

I’ve never been big into shoes, when I met my wife I owned a grand total of 3 pairs of footwear.

Steel capped work boots for protection, cleated bike shoes for clipping to my push bike and thick soled cushiony sneakers to provide relief for my feet from using them to exercise.

Shortly after marriage my wife suggested it was less than acceptable to perform activities of daily life without shoes.

Shopping? I asked ....Coffee at the local cafe? ....Taking the dogs for a walk?

Apparently all of these activities and more were causing my fellow patrons emotional distress, and worse, making people think less of me.

Did I care? No, Did my Wife? Absolutely!! 

So I started thinking, what if I went shopping after dark? Surely no one would see my feet? Could I forgo my routine long black?

My wife suggested I would need medical attention if I stepped on something sharp, I suggested my wit was metaphorically sharp but not a danger to my health
**long suffering eye roll**

Throughout this journey to the land of the socially acceptable covered foot, I have been amazed by some of the places that ban shoelessness. The most recent example, and possibly the most bizarre was a recent trip skydiving. I see zero chance of standing on a prickle, stubbing a toe into a table leg or dropping a heavy, sharp object on your foot and removing a toe whilst hanging out under a giant pink canopy.

Maybe my instructor was planning on standing on my foot for my misbehaviour, but that is another story.

So I am now the proud owner of a bunch of VIVOBAREFOOT shoes that sit in my cupboard, under my bed, and I even wear them sometimes too!

Although I still sneak into Woolies after work with my feet as naked as the day I was born.


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