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Injinji Liner Lightweight Crew - Grey, Coolmax

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Injinji sock liners are designed to be worn underneath your thicker Injinji socks as the first line of defence against excess moisture and blisters, keeping feet dry, comfortable, and cool. Sock liners are light and breathable for excellent versatility. 

They can also be worn alone!

The combination of Injinji's COOLMAX® and nylon fibres provide exceptional moisture management, breathability, durability and softness. The patented five-toe design minimises skin-on-skin friction that leads to blisters and lets your foot work naturally for better alignment and feel underfoot. 

  • Total Foot Utilisation
  • Moisture Management
  • Blister Prevention
  • 200 Needle Count

Fibre content: 75% COOLMAX® 21% Nylon 4% Lycra®