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Ancient Lakes Natural Liquid Magnesium 95ml
Ancient Lakes

Ancient Lakes Natural Liquid Magnesium 95ml

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Unlock the power of Ancient Lakes Natural Liquid Magnesium, a premium formulation containing an impressive 98,000 ppm of magnesium ions in solution. This intricate blend comprises essential ionic minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, boron, zinc, and other highly soluble minerals.

Derived gently from our ancient salt lake, this concentrated source of magnesium and vital minerals offers unparalleled potency.

Incorporate these potent magnesium drops effortlessly into your favourite beverages, juices, and meals, providing a simple and convenient method to enhance your magnesium intake.

We like to add our to our water bottles to sip on throughout the day.  Ancient lakes is loved by us here at The Functional Joint as they are an Australian company and product.

Key features:

  • Highly bio-available and readily absorbed by the body
  • An excellent way to elevate your magnesium levels
  • Packaged in glass to preserve its purity
  • Mix with juice or add to a bottle of still or sparkling water for refreshing sips throughout the day
  • Safe to use in cooking, remaining unaffected by heat
  • Equipped with a glass dropper for precise measurements

Usage: For adults, begin with up to 10 drops daily, adding them to water, juice, or food.

Certified as an organic input.

Quantity Per 100g
Sodium 750 mg
Potassium 870 mg
Magnesium 9850 mg

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