Bloom 100% Natural Deodorant - TheFunctionalJoint
Bloom 100% Natural Deodorant - TheFunctionalJoint

Bloom 100% Natural Deodorant

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Stay fresh and odour-free all day long. Formulated with a wellness-based philosophy of ease and efficacy in mind, the roll-on Citrus Bloom 100% Natural Deodorant by SWIISH is free from aluminium, chemicals, and other nasties.

We love it for its botanical, citrus scent that keeps you refreshed, whilst still allowing skin to breathe. This high-performance deodorant uses antimicrobial plant-based ingredients (such as lemon myrtle, sage and coltsfoot) that target the bacteria that cause body odour. Meanwhile, witch hazel helps eliminate trapped oils and moisture in the skin to help you feel fresher for longer, and arrowroot powder helps absorb moisture gently – unlike aluminium chloride and chlorohydrate (used in other chemical-laden deodorants) that often irritate skin 

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