Ancient Lakes Magnesium Enriched Salt 425g
Ancient Lakes

Ancient Lakes Magnesium Enriched Salt 425g

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Pure, 100% Organic, natural Australian lake salt, enriched with magnesium. 

Throw out the rest, ordinary table or cooking salt & use Ancient Lakes’ Magnesium Enriched Salt and increase your dietary magnesium. Magnesium Enriched Salt is completely natural, sustainable and 100% an Australian Organic Product.

  • Mineral rich culinary salt
  • Fifty times more magnesium than Himalayan Pink salt!
  • Contains pure, ancient sea minerals
  • Naturally damp – will not clump.
  • Support the Australian Economy & Local Jobs

How to use:

Sprinkle over your food to taste or add to your cooking. Use in place of your regular table salt.

Made In Australia