Mobeco; Build your very own yoga studio at home.

Mobecco; Build your very own yoga studio at home. - TheFunctionalJoint

How long do you often get out of your traditional foam roller and yoga mats before they begin to deteriorate? We are conscious of minimizing our waste, avoid plastic straws and use our reusable coffee cups but have you considered what your everyday objects are made of?

Two passions of ours is sustainability and quality and Mobeco ticks both!

Mobeco is a collection of fitness rollers, massage tools, and yoga props all made from the cork. Now, we know you must be thinking cork from a wine bottle? Not quite but a similar concept. Cork is an amazing natural ingredient that can be harvested from the bark of living cork oak trees without affecting their ability to grow and thrive. It is also recyclable, extremely durable, non-toxic, vegan, and manufactured with minimal water consumption throughout the production process.

And..our favourite part is that they recycle your old plastic yoga equipment and self-massage tools when you make the switch to their eco-friendly range.


So, what products do they offer?


Cork Yoga Mat

These are perfect for general exercise and movement activities and unlike traditional yoga mats are a non-slip alternative that is soft on your skin and will grip with sweat.

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Cork Massage Peanut 


The peanut double ball massager is a great tool for massaging all areas of your body but is best for your spine as the middle grove avoids the spine bone and targets your back muscles.

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Cork Ball

The most versatile but intense tool, the cork ball works by applying one point of pressure to a small surface area. Plus it's also the perfect tool to take anywhere as it is light weight and petite.

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Cork Block

The cork block is the perfect tool for stretching and yoga exercises as you are able to prop yourself up and work in a range that is comfortable for you.

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Cork Roller

​​The Cork Roller is more intense than regular rollers due to its smaller diameter and firm material, however this allows it to cover more surface area quicker and create fast relief from aches and pains. 

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Hemp Yoga Strap 

The Hemp Yoga Strap is the perfect strap to carry your mat comfortably and assist you with yoga poses and general stretching.

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Cork Reformer Mat

The Cork Reformer Mat is Australia's first and only Cork Reformer Pilates Mat. It is specifically designed to fit the reformer carriage and most reformers. This mat provides superior grip and maintains hygiene when getting into those sweaty reformer sessions and will become grippier with sweat so you can slide and glide with confidence.

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New to Mobeco? We also have bundle offers with everything you could need.

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